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FFAnet free email list builder with analytics

The Ultimate List Building Package FREE!

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Since 1999, FFA.net has been helping you create the most important part of any online business: the email list.

We kept it FREE, but added incredible new features like A/B testing, list building templates and more!

Proudly serving 107,500 list building websites

"My FFAnet Pro page gives me more marketing exposure than I could have imagined! With the help of the hundreds of leads I get every day from my FFAnet page, my business has doubled in only 2 weeks! Thank you so much for creating FFAnet!!!"

--Jeanie Wilson

The List is King (infographic)

Your email list is by far you most valuable online asset. In social media, you're competing with fun and games. With ads, the CTR and conversions just aren't there. Email is for business and is still top dog. Click here to see the free infographic!

FFA Email List Site Buider

It's all about the list. Every successful company online has a large, dependable mailing list. There are no exceptions!
Be up and running with an SEO-optimized list builder site in less than 3 minutes (video). Putting together a complete site with squeeze page was never easier! (FREE!)

FFAHeat™ Map

We show you EXACTLY where someone clicked on your page using our FFAHeat™ tech. You can see where your customers are clicking down to the pixel. Quickly find which text attracts the best, which button size and placement makes the most sense for your demographic and more. You won't know how you lived without FFAHeat™ once you've tried it! (Pro Feature)

A/B Testing

Test up to 100 variants* on any feature you want! FFAClone™ technology allows you to add variants in seconds with a single click. Test colors, buttons, text, product placement, testimonials...anything you can dream up. With our automatic link tracking an analytics, choosing a winner is easier and faster than ever! (FREE!)

Introducing: The best affiliate program ever created!

Yes, we pay out industry-best rates (up to 80%). Most importantly, we do something unheard of in the industry: any referral goes straight into your email list! That's right, you get to keep the ultra-valuable referrals as your own! Click here to learn more and apply. (FREE and Pro Feature)

GA Integration

Simply enter in your Google Analytics ID, and we take care of the rest! It couldn't be easier to get advanced analytics on all of your campaigns! (FREE!)

Manage Products

Upload and manage all of your digital products on our secure server. Up to 100 Mb for free users, 5 Gb for pro! (FREE!)

Full Web Editor

We've integrated a powerful web editor into our system. Upload images, video and audio. You can even edit your source code or import your current HTML! (FREE!)

“You have probably launched the greatest advertising tool in history!”

--Herman Graulich, shortly after the launch in 1999

About FFA.net

Imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter and Google. FFA.net was born into this world in late 1998 and officially launched January 1st, 1999 by founder Rudy Marsh. FFAnet was a revolution in online marketing. It was the first network of websites designed to build the most valuable online asset: the email list.

Fast forward 15 years and FFA.net has modernized its methods to use cutting-edge technology to hone the same purpose.

Email collecting remains the most important tool of the online marketer. In fact, most modern online networks measure effectiveness in terms of "ARPU" or Average revenue per user. FFA.net's aim is to maximize your revenue by growing your list and increasing your ARPU through A/B testing and optimizing.

Amazingly, we've remained free all of these years. Our growth has been supported by our amazing affiliate program, which is absolutely the best in the industry and always has been.



The power of next gen list building sites + the most effective affiliate program on the planet.

"I must say that I am impressed how well my organization has grown over the past year. I now have over 2,000 pro members..."

--John Hocking, aka justice4u

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